Thursday, April 12, 2007

3 Generation Cable Comfort Throw complete

I have mastered CABLES with this


pattern from Lion Brand.

This afghan is made by putting 5 strips together. When checking the lengths of my strips, I noticed that, by accident, I made one longer by adding a full cable repeat.

I decided that I liked the longer length better, so I went back and added on to all the strips. This, of course, meant using close to 12 skeins and running back to JoAnn's a few times.

The afghan is for daughter # 3 who sewed up all the strips and put it together. My mother weaved in the ends. So all 3 generations took part in the creation of this afghan !


wrchili said...

It looks so warm and cozy! I saw that pattern on the lion brand website and wanted to try it myself, but I have a lot of other projects to attempt first. I love making cables :o) It turned out very nice.

Shelley said...

Great job on the afghan! It looks nice and warm and comfy cozy!

Kim said...

What a cool afghan! I love the fact that 3 generations were able to work on it. I really do need to learn how to do cables. Thanks for sharing it with all of us out here. Great job!

brandilion said...

Wow! Huge Cables! great job

Knitcrazy said...

GREAT Afghan..
I would LOVE to cozy up in one like that...
I'll have to look in Lion Brand...
How nice that you all took part in the creation!!
"A Three Generation Creation!!!!"