Sunday, February 25, 2007

Help Me Plan My 50th Birthday!

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I invite you to please help me plan my 50th Birthday,

this summer, July 10th.

I really want to make it special, memorable, life changing.

I'm considering a knitting workshop retreat, spa, or
woman's wellness adventure.

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Please send me your comments and suggestions.
If you've been on or know of a specific woman's retreat---
please let me know.

I'm looking for something non-religious, healthy, spiritual,
in a beautiful location
such as Sedona, New Mexico or British Columbia.
Not too remote.

Maybe you can suggest a visit to a city with lots of intriguing
YARNS SHOPS where I could shop hop and take classes.

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Help me find a

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the ultimate getaway by myself without children

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for spiritual growth and discovery

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to come back renewed, balanced and energized

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Doesn't it sound FABULOUS? I imagine you'd like to join me!

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The ideal trip would include both a few days at a wellness retreat for women near a city with yarn shops!! Is that too much to ask for? !
Thanks for your help in planning my milestone birthday!


ericah64 said...

Hmmm...You could fly to San Francisco, rent a car, and stay in a B&B. There are a couple of cool LYS's in the City, and you could use your rental car to head north to Marin County to check out a couple of places there, hike in Muir Woods, walk on Stinson Beach. Then, you could head south to San Mateo county and Santa Clara county and check out cool shops there. You could stay in a cool b&b in Half Moon Bay, walk in the fog on the beach, check out Fengari...

Yarngineer said...

My DH and I stayed at the Grove Park Inn and went to the spa there for our mini-moon. It is still one of our favorite spas (other than the Bellagio hotel spa in Las Vegas). Asheville NC has several yarn shops. They have 3 that I like, and there are more opening and even more in the surrounding towns. It is also a cute little artsy town.

Mitchypoo said...

I love your ticker that shows how long since you bought yarn, very clever. Hmmm, will have to consider how to celebrate your big birthday.

Ronille said...

Wow this must be a perfect day, so you must cocider evry possibel things to do very well. But last summer I vent to an iceland called Djerba, and me and my 18 yers old daughter have a day in SPA. I live on that for a long time after... I will follow your planning :) Good Luck.