Sunday, May 06, 2007

Thank you Secret Pal 10

Thank you secret pal for the most WONDERFUL surprise gift package.

2 books I've been wanting.....

"The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook" and
"Yarns to Dye For" PLUS

2 lucsious skeins of yarn and dyes for me to use to
HAND DYE my own yarn!!

Knit Picks Lace Weight 100% Paint Your Own Merino
Lamb's Pride Worsted

Thank you Secret Pal !!

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Shelley said...

Awesome SP package!

Obsessed with knitting said...

Hi Judy,

I wanted to respond to your comment from the ISE4 scarf blog ( I couldn't find an email address).

The fire and ice scarf was done using this pattern:

I left off the ruffles.

I am originally from Ohio, moved to CA about 13 years ago. Went to OSU and my dad lives in Dayton.

I like your ticker on your blog counting the days since you last bought yarn and the days to your birthday! I didn't realize our birthdays were coming so soon - I'm a Cancer, too!

Happy Knitting!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you liked it :) I can't wait to see your dyed yarns.

Your SP10 Pal