Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Knitter's Fantasy - April 14, 2007


This year it is my guild's turn to put together the event to be held at the Trumbull Career and Technical Center in Warren, Ohio.

All the information you need including Classses, Homework, Vendors list, Directions, and Registration are NOW on line at our website at

Click on the Knitter's Fantasy link at the top.

Highlights will include:

Connie Lane, the author of "Knit Two Together", and a Clevelander, will be at the Soft 'n' Sassy booth signing copies of her new book straight from the publishers.

We are selling T-shirts with the "Queue up" logo and long sleeve denim shirts with the Fantasy logo as pictured above.

Guild members who choose to, are making and wearing this FUN sheep scarf which we will model as a group during the fashion show. My scarf, pictured here with the tongue, was made from Cascade 220 black and White Sprinkles.

The pattern is from the book "Vogue Knitting Shawls on the Go". It is a modified version of the sheep shawl pattern.

I will be teaching my first class - FELTED BAGS

I have received permission of the designer of the Noro Chan Bag to use her pattern for my class.

I also have put together a WONDERFUL, EXTENSIVE handout on Felting Yarns, Websites with free felted bag patterns, Book list, Yarns to add in for fluff, The Felting Process, and how to make I-cord and Flat handles.
The pattern for the Chan Bag is free and can be seen at Dec. 06

I am on the committee for A Knitter's Fantasy and my job is NAME TAGS. The 40 teachers each have a lovely flower made by our guild members - here are just some of the ones we have ready.

and the 23 committeee members will have a knitted sock on their name tag, generously made by our member, Ginny Thomas.
Many of our guild members will be teaching.

In addition to the Swap Table, and a Caps for Kids contest, we have been making Baby Blanket Strips put together by guild members. We have 40 completed blankets so far and they will be on display and then donated to Huron Road Hospital here in Cleveland.

We will also have an ongoing demonstration of Knittting Machines, Door Prizes, Fashion Show, and MUCH MUCH MORE !!!!

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