Friday, July 07, 2006

Thank you Tote Exchange Secret Pal !!!

I received a large package addressed to me today in a great big box, boldly addressed to me from Palo Alto. I asked myself, "I don't remember ordering anything", "I don't know anybody in Palo Alto".....then it dawned on me.... this must be my bag!! And WOW, what a treat to open this package and see the amazing bag (that I had read about on the Tote Exchange Blog and in this knitter's blog. The orange, blue and purples are my favorites and I love the mitered pattern.

The best treat of all is that Monday is my birthday so this makes for an even more special birthday. The bag came loaded with several individually wrapped gifts which I am waiting until Monday to open for my birthday!

After reading my pal's blog, I see we have other things in common as well and I thank you Allison, in Palo Alto.

Meanwhile, I am making progress on the Lucy Bag for my secret pal, and I hope to have it completed and felted this weekend!! It has a long way to travel so I need to get in the mail soon!

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