Thursday, October 19, 2006


I was really doing well with my first pair of socks, BLUE MOON FIBER ARTS yarn and SOCKS THAT ROCK pattern. Then, last week, I dropped and lost one of the double pointed needles .... who ever said that socks are an "easy project to carry around with you"? I am still rather clumsy with all the double pointeds. So, naturally, I had to order ANOTHER set of double pointeds, this time in other sizes as well, and I'm also going to try knitting a pair on 2 circulars. MEANWHILE, this sock is ON HOLD for now until the needles arive!!


Anonymous said...

Judy, great blog!! I had to post a comment here, I broke one of my double pointed needles on the plane to Canada and spent an evening finding a wal-mart and trying to decide which ones were the same size as the one I broke. The Canadian knitters were very kind. Keep up the good work, these look great.

Donna said...

Your sock looks great! Sorry about the AWOL needles. I break mine and lose them too. I've learned to stock up on #0-2 so that I can keep going. The worst thing is to "find" one by sitting on it. Ouch!