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The mission of Women4women-knitting4peace is to craft peace one simple stitch at a time by creating peace shawls for women and knit toys for children in areas of conflict around the world.

Founded in June, 2006, the group is now in 41 states and Canada.

Over 1,200 peace shawls have been created and sent to women in Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Guatemala, Sudan, Peru, Rwanda, and Haiti.

Shawls of any construction are welcome that somehow incorporate the number "3" which represent the creator of the Peace Shawl, the recipient, and the Divine Creator of all women. The number "3" also signifies the 3 major faiths - Christian, Jewish, and Muslim.

Each item is praised and blessed with a special (nondemoninational) prayer by the group before it is sent.

Participation is open to all, regardless of age, gender, or level of knitting or crocheting experience.

The first group formed in Ohio currently meets at the Beachwood Library. "These shawls are made with love, and each one is blessed upon completion" says Beachwood's "peace pod" leader, Iris November.

Free patterns for shawls and doll packets (with instructions and yarn) are available for your use.

Stash yarn is always welcome.
For more information contact Iris at

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