Friday, September 15, 2006

Thunderstorms dampen Stitch N Pitch

Severe thunderstorms and traffic at a total stand still kept me from going to the Cleveland Indians Stitch N Pitch night a few days ago.

Silly me for trying to make plans on a "school night". Naturally after I turned around and came home, the weather cleared up. So I sat on my couch, knitting, and watching some of the game.

I sadly missed the event, but here's a great picture of two knitting wannabes, trying their hand at our precious craft at Wednesday's Stitch 'n Pitch. (Ann & Louise's husbands) "Perhaps they'll "get it" one day!!"


Isela: Purling Sprite said...

That is very cool--I hope they get it. They look to be having fun with the yarn and needles. Maybe they'll have a new method--2 knitters to knit, one holds the needles, the other wraps the yarn around the needle :)

Claudia said...

That photo is absolutely hysterical!!!! Thanks for sharing it!